Paleobiology Seminar


Monday, April 10, 2017, 3:00pm


Haller Hall (Geological Museum 102)
Alycia Stigall
Professor and Graduate Chair
Department of Geological Sciences
Ohio University
“Fossil Invasion! Modeling ancient species niche dynamics to help predict consequences of modern invasive species”

Stigall Talk Image

Abstract: Invasive species are one of the leading causes of biodiversity loss in modern ecosystems. Although substantial effort has been put forth to understand the short term impacts of invasive species, understanding the long term impacts of such introductions requires the long temporal record unavailable to modern ecologists. The fossil record provides a rich source of data about the long-term impacts of species introductions within ecosystems. In this presentation, I will explore the impacts of an event of inter basinal species invasions with special emphasis on those recorded in the Ordovician (~450 million year old) rocks around Cincinnati, Ohio using ecological niche modeling and geographic range reconstructions. These complex modeling approaches allow detailed investigation of how species responded to the influx of invasive species and provide context for modern conversation principles.

The Geobiology/Paleobiology Seminar Series is jointly hosted by OEB and EPS