Publications by Year: In Press

In Press
Ward, Lewis, M., Bertran, E., & Johnston, D. T. (In Press). Genomic sequence analysis of Dissulfurirhabdus thermomarina SH388 and proposed reassignment to Dissulfurirhabdaceae fam. nov.
Bertran, E., Waldeck, A., Wing, B., Halevy, I., Leavitt, W., Bradley, A., & Johnston, D. (In Press). A mechanistic understanding of oxygen isotope eects during microbial sulfate reduction. ISME.
Liljestrand, F. L., MacDonald, F. A., Laakso, T., Schrag, D., & Johnston, D. T. (In Press). Anomalous carbon cycling in the aftermath of the Marinoan Snowball Earth. Geobiology.